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Vickie Cammack, Caring is Life

… there is another side to Surrey that the media often miss. The force of caring is on the rise. We want to tell you about two local residents, and friends of ours, Cora and Don Li leger, who are rising to the occasion. Don and Cora are artists – very successful artists. Nothing in their background suggests they would become neighbourhood organizers and social innovators. In fact, if you suggest they are they just laugh; “Oh that’s what you do Al and Vickie. We’re just ordinary people helping out.” Here are some of the ways they are helping out.

First they organized the People’s Food Security Bureau an informal band of artists brought together to integrate art and life through food. Here’s their MISSION Statement: “With art at the center, The People’s Food Security Bureau advocates artisanal agriculture, home cooking, and living in the oneness of all things.” Then Cora and Don hatched something big. They took over an abandoned field and turned it into a community garden. They called this garden: The PLOT.

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