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Urban Food Security on Wheels

Gro-Carts are the creation of two Urban Studies graduate students, Tammas Grogan and Kate Elliott, at Simon Fraser University who wondered what they could do to offer food gardens to those without access to land.

The project aims to impact those in Surrey Centre who don’t have access to food security for financial or geographical reasons. Grogan and Elliott hope to increase community food production while reducing reliance on the local food bank and improve overall health and nutritional awareness.

“Ideally we’d like to see several groups of community members work in teams to produce two types of Gro-Carts—salad carts and potato carts,” says Elliott. An online forum offers gardening support and an opportunity to share success stories and recipes.

They hope that grocery cart gardens will be used by those with limited garden space and will include a variety of stakeholders such as schools and independent living facilities.

Gro-Carts was featured in the Vancouver Sun.