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 Local Food Security

Harvesting and Raising Awareness

Local Food Security
We have begun harvesting and delivering produce to local community service groups to be shared with food insecure neighbours. The first harvest went to PICS, Progressive Intercultural Community and the second to DIVERSEcity. They are grateful for any fresh produce we can provide.
At least 20 % of what is ready will be left for locals coming in to harvest, and there will be much more to come over the coming weeks.
This reminds us of the Care Baskets we delivered to the most vulnerable in Surrey’s Newton and City Centre area during the worst of Covid.
We also have a little food pantry coming to the PLOT to help address local food security. Aman has been working in collaboration with DIVERSEcity and Climate Recentered Youth and has secured a grant to build it and help stock it. The funding was provided by the surrey local immigration partnership and DIVERSEcity.

Once in place some of the food we grow will be placed in the pantry. This hearkens back to the Free Veggie Stand we operated during the worst of Covid.