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The Mish Mash Bash PLOT Sharing Garden Fundraiser

A wonderful way to gather together in celebration of the season


Dance, play, look and listen and help us celebrate and support all that this amazing project has germinated. Enjoy the playful field of possibility of the day! Artists pollinating the imagination exhibit, the Poets Lines strung around the gardens, face painting, henna, makers tables where you can create, music, food and more. Meet the some of the artists, gardeners and community builders behind the scenes! Music, Art Walks, Labyrinth exploring, talk with Grandma Amy at the Medicine Wheel, chat with PLOT folks about gardens, make a button at the Makers table, enjoy some wild food and more. 

Buckets of gratitude to ALL who made the Mish Mash Bash PLOT Sharing Garden Fundraiser a GRAND SUCCESS! Organizers, Visionaries and Volunteers; Artists, Musicians, Poets, Crafters and Makers, Gardeners and Cooks!!! Deep Bow! Grateful for the generosity of Neighbours for power, water, storage and so Much More!!! AND to all the Community Showing up to support and play with us!

Special Thanks to the City of Surrey, Vancouver Foundation, Van City, to Katheren Szabo and all those involved, for securing the Spark Grant. To the many kind and generous hearts for their financial support, and to all who showed up with their hearts and presence.

The Mish Mash Bash was such a wonderful way to gather together in celebration of the season. There was a real connection of balance, a lightness of energy and slowing down – place to just be. Always enjoy being at the Plot Sharing Garden and this event raised the vibration of peace, it’s all within our reach, there is such grace to hold. Thank you, with much appreciation to the land, to the community and to all.