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Birdhouse Building with Birder Jonah Marshall

Build the birds a cozy house and they will come!

The goal of Jonah’s fabulous birdhouse workshop was to share his passion for birds. He wanted to create much needed nesting opportunities for songbirds in this rapidly growing city that was destroying much of their natural habitat.

He spent several months researching and consulting with a local ornithologist to develop this project. The specific needs of different birds were taken into account. These birdhouses are not only delightful but they give birds a safe place to rest and to raise their young. The birds help the garden by pollinating and keeping the insect population low and balanced. They help with weed control. The workshop used non-toxic paints and various organic and natural craft supplies to fashion beautiful and functional bird homes to help call our winged friends back to Newton. Several of the participants were overjoyed to have winged tenants move in to their whimsical creations. 

Thank you Jonah for raising our awareness of the plight of Newton’s birds, and guiding us to do something to help them!

Much gratitude to Roxanne for her creative assistance.

Special thanks to Todd Ayotte from the City of Surrey for his unwavering support.