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The PLOT, Building a Healthier Community

Growing More Than Vegetables

“Vegetables grow in abundance at the PLOT. So do trust, beauty and life. Most of all neighbourliness.”

–Al Etmanski, social innovator, Order of BC, Order of Canada

“The Plot is transforming and healing both a forgotten bit of land and our forgotten bit of community. I pray that it stays there forever, nourishing us with its vegetables and its hope.” -W.F.

“A magical, joyful, community space!!” -C.S.

“When I started working with the PLOT my Auntie’s said “you be careful in that area of town, it’s bad.” I’ve been a witness to a change in a community. This is a safe, warm, welcoming place. Life altering.” -T.S.

“The Plot has created a a beautiful unique space where there was none. The people involved created beauty, free amazing food for local people, and a listening post for the unheard of Newton. It is a precious jewel where one is so sorely needed!” -B.C.

“With the new garden and community space now occupying the lot behind our house, we have had little problem with the street people. Most of them have moved on, with an occasional vagrant or two sometimes sheltering in the garden overnight. They seem more respectful, no more partying and fighting. It is wonderful to see how many people in the community come to the garden… seniors, parents and children, local residents… all meeting and talking, sharing the beautiful common space and some fresh vegetables!” -D.M.

“The plot is a great symbol of the goodness in our society, our community, and humans in general. Planting and gardening was the fundamental element of our lives not long ago but now it has become a luxury. How time changed things and though we have no power over “time”, we have power over the “change”. Glad to see this power become a reality.”

“I have come to realise from my kids’ experience that the Plot is the best ‘school’ for them to learn about plants and nature, and to connect with and appreciate nature.” -R.T.