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The Travelling Medicine Wheel

The PLOT was invited to bring the Medicine Wheel to the Surrey Fusion Festival
BC’s largest free multi-cultural celebration, showcasing and celebrating the cultural diversity of Surrey

The PLOT Sharing Garden and Newton Medicine Wheel Team created a temporary Medicine Wheel and Grandma Amy used it as a beautiful teaching tool. 

Grandma Amy shared teachings of the cyclical laws of nature and how they help us be in balance with the different aspects of our being and in right relationship with the earth and the elements that make up all life. We live in a sacred balance, we are all connected with each other, and with all of nature. We are interdependent and must embrace this unity and learn to live in harmony and to cherish and protect the Earth.

The Medicine Wheel is a journey of healing and transformation.

EAST: Red, Spring, The Living Earth, The Body, the time of birth and childhood, the place of the rising sun, experiencing new beginnings. Eagle with an overseeing perspective.

SOUTH: Yellow, Fire/The Sun that encourages growth, Summer, Emotions, a time of the Parent/Early Adulthood, a time of action and creativity, high noon. Jumping Mouse, learning to work with emotions/feelings

WEST: Black, Autumn, Water, Intellect, time of the Grandparent, the place of sunset, of release and letting go. Bear, keeper of the plant medicines/protector of women.

NORTH: White, Winter, Air/Breath, Spirit,  time of the Elder Wisdom, the night skies, a time of deep rest and contemplation, when the earth is blanketed in a cover of snow. White Buffalo, who connects us to the spirit world.

(Grandma Amy reminds us that she teaches from her Cree perspective and that other traditions may mark the directions in different ways.)