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Events at the PLOT 2022

Grandma Amy’s Birthday

Saturday March 19

The flowers came, the people came, Eagle came, Red Tailed Hawk came, the love bloomed and the Sun shone bright! Happy Birthday Grandma Amy!!! You are in our memory and hearts. Your spirit is present. Thank you for all your love and teachings through the years.


Spring Equinox / Festival of Holi

Sunday March 20


Holi, a celebration originating in India, marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s a celebration of rebirth and new beginnings, and a time to let the bad and the negative melt away. It is also called the Celebration of colours… join us to be bedazzled by the joy that rises with spring.

The energy of the Holi celebration couples beautifully with the Spring Equinox Observation and Medicine Wheel teachings that came to the PLOT Sharing Garden through Cree Elder Grandma Amy Eustergurling aka Manchus S’kwao Earthworm Woman.

Both Holi and Spring Equinox celebrations acknowledge the turn of the season and the opportunity for new beginnings.

This Spring Equinox was dedicated to Cree Elder Grandma Amy for the vision of the Medicine Wheel, and to foster Loving Kindness and Peace in our hearts and in the world.

Despite the rain , Spring Equinox dedicated to Grandma Amy brought out many good hearts from the community to observe together the turning of the season. It was a time to share the love and gratitude that we feel for the PLOT community and for the Newton Medicine Wheel Visionary and Founder, Grandma Amy Wuttenee Eustegurling.

While tender sweetness was in the air, there was also an abiding joy and celebration. The promise of the coming of spring and the effervescent energy of the people bubbled over in the celebration of the Holi festival with an added colour and playfulness.

This seventh year of observing the turns of the season at the Medicine Wheel and second year of Holi Festival at the PLOT is a testimony to the resiliency of the Newton community and the passionate commitment of volunteers at the PLOT sharing garden.

The addition of Holi festival, the festival of colour, love and forgiveness, gave a flavor of the beautiful global community that exists in a microcosm in the area. May these extensions and expansions continue as we grow healthy community together.


Celebrating Summer Solstice and the bright light and life of Grandma Amy Eustergurling

Sunday June 18, 2pm



WHEN: Sunday June 26 @ 2 pm
WHAT: Ceremony at 2 pm followed by food, sharing and music

A time to celebrate the gifts of life, love, community, song, all the things Amy Loved the Most. 


WHAT TO BRING: A lawn chair, a drum or music maker, a snack to share, your own plate mug, cutlery etc,

MOST OF ALL; bring a memory or funny story about Amy or share one of your favourite teachings from Amy.

Flower Memorial

Fall Equinox Observation

Sunday September 25 Noon


WHAT: Fall Equinox Observation 🌻💛
WHERE; Newton Medicine Wheel @ the PLOT Sharing Gardens
WHEN: Sunday September 25 Noon for Observation at MW followed by Picnic

WHAT TO BRING: Lawn chair if you wish, music maker; drum rattle etc, a quote, song or short poem, finger food to share, BYO dishes, mug etc

With Joy we come together to celebrate the Gifts of Harvest, of Community,honouring the Balance of Life; as Grandma Amy would say when ALL the Elements are in Balance The Tree Of Life Bears Fruit. Great gratitude to Grandma Amy for her mentoring, for inspiring the Medicine Wheel and for planting these beautiful seeds for our community that we may continue to gather in this way. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 There will also be a time of reflection on the upcoming National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.


Please message us if you can come early @ 10:30am if you can help with set up or stay later for clean up (~:

Winter Solstice

Saturday December 17, Noon – 3


Where – Newton rec centre – the room at the east end of the ice Arena
When – Saturday, December 17
Time – noon to 3 PM
Come join and play together.
Come have fun. Craft, visit, sing and ceremony together in the jubilant spirit of Grandma Amy and all those near and dear from the PLOT and community

If you like, bring
– a quote, symbol, or name to add to a memory lantern we will be making
– a quote or something to read or share
– a drum, rattle or other music maker
– a stone to place in our ceremony center, then send to the PLOT Medicine Wheel
– your own dishes, mugs etc.
– Finger foods to share for a potluck

Craft making, Wreath making, Centerpieces, Memory lantern
Subject to availability