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Tiptoe Through The Garden

Discovering the delights of community at play. Music, story, crafting and creating ruled the day

Tiptoeing through the Garden with the Fairy Queen and her Fabulous Friends

The Alley of Funny Walks, The Oracle d’ Elfie, The Makers Tent, Fairy Afternoon Tea and other such Wonders

Feasting, Fairies, Fiddles and Fun, Storytelling with Grandma Amy and Roxanne has begun,
Jumping Mouse finds his way, adding teaching moments and sweet sparkle to a summers day


Inspiring, magical, community building, fearless, friendly, peaceful, and fanciful!

Thank you for an inspiring walk in the park with kazoos and tiptoe through the garden.

First time visit and blown away with the splendour of the garden. had no idea.

Loved the commitment of the people, garb, and fairy sparkle. You bring hope and light to a part of Newton in need. Great job.

Much Gratitude to all the folks from WoW Arts Building Without Walls for devising and hosting this Amazing Event!