The PLOT Free Vegetable Stand

To help support our most nutritionally vulnerable neighbours 💚


Thank you to Neighbourhood Small Grants for making this initiative possible

In past years, our free veggie stand was loved for its super fresh, organic, culturally diverse vegetables. And for its community building.

This year the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have made the needs of our already struggling community exponentially greater. People are hungry, and people are isolated. Most of the PLOT garden is not ready to harvest so, with the help of Neighbourhood Small Grants, we have started purchasing produce to fill the stand every Sunday with yummy fruit and vegetables. We have limited funds, but we will do our best to get fresh produce to as many people as possible. And soon we hope to be stocking it with our own delicious, organic vegetables. 

Please, drop by on Sundays, and take what you need! The garden is beautiful, and it is big enough that you can connect with your neighbours while safely social distancing.



If you garden and have extra produce or flowers for the Veggie Stand please email us.