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Friends of the PLOT

Friends of the PLOT is dedicated to growing healthy communities through fresh food, art, culture and a shared sense of wonder of the natural world; and to exploring the universal cycles of life through the lens of the
PLOT Sharing Garden and Newton Medicine Wheel.

Friends of the PLOT seeks to:

a. Cultivate opportunities for community to experience a sense of unity centered on the common endeavor of growing food in the context of a shared garden rather than allotment gardens.

b. Foster and provide a safe gathering place for intergenerational and intercultural interaction, through positive philosophy and healthy activities that transcend age, race or belief.

c. Create opportunities for social, mental, and physical growth via:
     – free healthy garden fresh food
     – hands-on gardening experience of planting, growing and harvesting
     – PLOT events, occasional on site speakers and workshops

d. Share the wisdom of the cyclical laws of nature through the teachings of the medicine wheel and that is exemplified through active participation and witnessing of the seasons in garden. These circular ways foster a greater understanding of earth based indigenous principles, the natural laws, which if traced back, are or were common to all people.

e. Raise awareness of local eco systems and conservation by providing habitat for birds, bees and other pollinators and augmenting this awareness with related educational offerings and community outreach.

f. Offer a platform for creative exploration and expression utilizing natural elements and/or images related to earth/garden community.