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Sunday Picnics

Neighbours celebrate the PLOT with family, friends, and food every Sunday

“When is a garden more than just a garden? When it becomes the heart of the community.”

Theresa Forte/Special to Postmedia Network

SUNDAY PICNICS WERE CANCELLED DURING COVID 19 LOCKDOWN. WEEKLY PICNICS ARE NOT CURRENTLY HAPPENING, We have recently resumed occasional picnics. Please email us. We will add your name to our mailing list if you would like to be notified of any upcoming picnics or other events. 

“We learned of the garden in March when we walked by the Plot one evening, and saw the land, which had been vacant, overgrown and full of garbage, transferred to planting area. We were astonished with the transformation and, like many other local residents, we volunteered to help. We all come out every Sunday; enjoy the outdoor air, the sun, the plants, the flowers, and all the life that the Plot brings to us. We work in the garden, attend to the vegetable and flower plants, chat, laugh, and though all of this, we feel that we are all connected with a tremendous sense of unity. We do invite you to come out one Sunday, and join us and share our joy”. -R.T.

“One Sunday, at the gathering for what became the weekly pot-luck feast, I met people from all the major faiths… Fifteen languages were in play, maybe more. The youngest was less than four; the eldest somewhere in his 9th decade.” -M.L.

“This little garden and sacred space has brought back a real sense of community and reduced crime in our neighborhood. We have all benefited from its positive influence and beautiful form.” -V.M.

“I am inspired by what I see and hear. Community, sharing, discussion, work, laughing, a feeling of togetherness. Growing food is bringing Newton together.” -R.K.

“This space enables the community to build resilience through bonds of friendship, offering support to those in need, and ultimately contributes to crime reduction.” -N.C.

“In our experience, this community project has greatly improved safety and the quality of life for those living in our area.” -R.N.