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PLOT Care Baskets

Helping Neighbours with Immediate Food Needs

Weeks 9 -12

Week 9 of the Care Baskets — This week we provided 33 care baskets to families across Surrey with the help of Upkar Tatlay from Khalsa Aid. And deep gratitude to our dedicated and reliable delivery volunteers – Reed, Adeelah and Mohammad. We also gave out many more beautiful hand made masks. Thank you Katheren. ?

‘Thank you for all you do!’

‘Kindness, positivity, support… Pass it on. ??’

Thank you again Team Vancouver, Khalsa Aid Canada, we are so incredibly grateful for your help this week!

Week 10 of the Care Baskets — We are forever grateful for the support from Khalsa Aid and Engaged Communities for helping us provide fresh produce to 43 families this week. And of course, we couldn’t have done it without all our volunteers and their commitment to this community initiative.

Week 11 of the Care Baskets — This week we didn’t receive our scheduled delivery from our supplier of the fresh veggies. We had two full big boxes of carrots, two full big boxes of celery and two bags of red peppers from last week’s order. With the veggies ready in The Plot, we harvested some radishes, rhubarb, kale and cabbage, and were able to deliver fresh veggie care boxes to 22 needy families. One senior lady who has very several long-term stomach problems absolutely adores the carrots. She was provided with approx. 10 lbs of carrots and said she will use 4-5 carrots a day for her fresh carrot juice. One family with two young kids and both parents laid off were provided fresh rhubarb, we hope that they are able to bake some fresh rhubarb pastry for the young kids and enjoy as a family.

Week 12 of the Care Baskets — This week we provided 43 care baskets to families across Surrey with help from Khalsa Aid. Our deepest appreciation to Khalsa Aid, and special thanks to Upkar Tatlay! Cora donated 20 bundles of fresh organic kale grown in her own garden. Cora took the time to harvest and bundle them up meticulously with love. A billion thanks to Cora! We purchased 30 lbs of potatoes, 50 lbs of onions and 10 lbs of bananas to add to the boxes.

We made an emergency end of day delivery to a family that was in desperate need. Two seniors in their 70s and their adult daughter living in a basement suite. Father and daughter are on disability and the mother has been in and out of hospital a couple of times in the past month. All three have diet restrictions due to health conditions. They had no food in their house. We are glad to bring them not only much needed healthy veggies that they so love and need, but also the care from The PLOT community. ?

This is the last week that Khalsa Aid is able to help us with the care baskets, our thank-you card and bouquet of PLOT flowers are not nearly enough to express our appreciation of help and support from Khalsa Aid! We hope to partner again to work together to grow our Surrey community.

As always our deep gratitude for our new and old delivery volunteers, your time, energy and kindness is valued by us all!

“Thank you so much for everything you do for the PLOT sharing garden and for all that are low in income who are really benefiting from the food we are receiving. Warmest wishes!”

Our Care Baskets carry much love – We are all in this together!










image credit: Giselle Jenereaux