PLOT Care Baskets

Helping Neighbours with Immediate Food Needs

Weeks 9 -10

Week 9 of the Care Baskets — This week we provided 33 care baskets to families across Surrey with the help of Upkar Tatlay from Khalsa Aid. And deep gratitude to our dedicated and reliable delivery volunteers – Reed, Adeelah and Mohammad. We also gave out many more beautiful hand made masks. Thank you Katheren. 💚

‘Thank you for all you do!’

‘Kindness, positivity, support… Pass it on. 👍🏾’

Team #Vancouver recently delivered fresh produce to The Plot Community Sharing Garden in #Surrey.The Plot typically provides fresh vegetables form their garden to those who need it most - vulnerable seniors and single mothers. They were doing well throughout covid maintaining demands from their crops. However, the pandemic lasted longer than expected and they reached out for assistance.#khalsaaidca #foodheroes #surrey #britishcolumbia #plot #communitygarden

Posted by Khalsa Aid Canada on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thank you again Team Vancouver, Khalsa Aid Canada, we are so incredibly grateful for your help this week!

Week 10 of the Care Baskets — We are forever grateful for the support from Khalsa Aid and Engaged Communities for helping us provide fresh produce to 43 families this week. And of course, we couldn’t have done it without all our volunteers and their commitment to this community initiative.

Team #MetroVancouver is supporting The Plot, a community sharing garden, with fresh produce as demand has increased from those in need due to the pandemic.#khalsaaidca #foodheroes #surrey #britishcolumbia #communitygarden

Posted by Khalsa Aid Canada on Sunday, June 21, 2020

Our Care Baskets carry much love – We are all in this together!










image credit: Giselle Jenereaux