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PLOT Care Baskets

Helping Neighbours with Immediate Food Needs

Weeks 13 -16

Week 13 of the Care Baskets — This week we provided 42 care baskets to families. We would like to honour our amazing volunteer Bobby Monga for his help with picking up and packing the care baskets! And for always bringing lightness, humour and care to the PLOT. 

‘Thank you so much for the lovely vegetables it’s been such a great blessing.’

Week 14 of the Care Baskets — This week we delivered to 42 families across Surrey. We are excited to partner with Offbeat Produce to source local and organic zucchini and cucumbers. Offbeat Produce is a food rescue organization that sources good, fresh, off-grade produce from local farms.

Prof. Jen Marchbank from SFU’s Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies visited the PLOT on her birthday. We presented her with this beautiful flower bouquet!

And as always a heartfelt thank you to our new and old volunteers!

Week 15 of the Care Baskets — This week we provided fresh produce to 42 families!
We are putting a pause on the care baskets for the next two weeks and will start again soon. Thank you to all our volunteers for their dedicated support. We will be in touch soon!

Thank you so much for the wonderful veggies it’s been a blessing for our household to be able to enjoy fresh veggies thank goodness for all those wonderful people who volunteer to make the program run

Thanks Care Basket People! You really helped my household out this summer! Never has there been such fresh veg in my home! Please enjoy your time off. Thanks for running this adventure at all to help out those in need in Newton! Bravo Team Care Baskets!

Week 16 of the Care Baskets — This week we received such a wonderful thank you that we wanted to share every word!

‘Hello Dear Folks of the Newton Care Basket Project!

Thank you so much to each & everyone who has been delivering fresh veg & fruit to my house for months!I have never ever eaten this much fresh produce & I am sure you all are adding some years to my life! Your kindnesses in these strange Covid-19 times is very much appreciated!

I make big fresh soups & share with my family & a senior neighbor or 2! The beans this week are so nice! Plums and corn on the cob! All my costs have gone up since beginning of year, and prospects to make money this year all dissolved! I appreciate your love veg baskets each and every time they show up at my door!

Thanks everyone!

And as always a heartfelt thank you to our awesome volunteers!










image credit: Giselle Jenereaux