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Events at the PLOT 2023

Spring Equinox / Festival of Holi

Sunday March 19


Holi, a celebration originating in India, marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s a celebration of rebirth and new beginnings, and a time to let the bad and the negative melt away. It is also called the Celebration of colours… join us to be bedazzled by the joy that rises with spring.

The energy of the Holi celebration couples beautifully with the Spring Equinox Observation and Medicine Wheel teachings that came to the PLOT Sharing Garden through Cree Elder Grandma Amy Eustergurling aka Manchus S’kwao Earthworm Woman.

Both Holi and Spring Equinox celebrations acknowledge the turn of the season and the opportunity for new beginnings.

This Spring Equinox was dedicated to Cree Elder Grandma Amy for the vision of the Medicine Wheel, and to foster Loving Kindness and Peace in our hearts and in the world.