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Full Moon Drum Circle at the PLOT

“Rhythm is as essential as, well, a heartbeat. Native to virtually every culture for communication, celebration and prayer, drumming binds people of all age, race and gender in a non-verbal conversation that is unifying and healing. It has a spiritual effect on people. 

From a medical perspective, drumming is one of the leading forms of music therapy in the world today, employed to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and depression, assist in the mobility of patients suffering from Parkinsons disease, even help increase the cognitive abilities of Alzheimers patients. Studies have also shown that drumming aids the production of T-cells, thereby boosting the body’s immune system.

The Full Moon Drum Circles not only offer the community a chance to experience such health benefits (whether of the body, mind, or spirit), but also a chance to enliven a gratitude for lunar cycles, a custom widely lost in the West since the global standardization of the solar Gregorian calendar. Like drum circles, full moon celebrations and moon goddess worship date back hundreds of thousands of years.”

from Full Moon Drum Circle