Important Changes to the PLOT Weekly Work Party

During this difficult time, The PLOT will continue to grow and share fresh produce with everyone who is in need.

To comply with the social distancing guidelines and rules from our Health Authority, we ask that only one or two (maximum) people attend The PLOTat the same time. If there are two people, please ensure your distance is far and apart for safety. Please have a look at our COVID-19 sign.

If you would like to come to the PLOT to weed, plant or grow vegetables, please email us for additional information, such as when to come, what tools to bring, what to do, what to plant, where to get seeds, and how to plant, etc. 

We acknowledge that while planting in The PLOT, it is healing for you and healing for our Mother Earth, and that both are needed during this difficult time. So you are all welcome, more than ever.


Social Distance Ruler by Alex Tees

The PLOT Harvest

We ask that everyone who is harvesting at the Plot, please wait until the vegetable is ready for harvest to ensure maximum production, and also please only harvest what you need for you and your family for that day, to enable us to share with more people who are also in need like you. The PLOTalso would like to share and deliver fresh produce to seniors in need as much as we can.

We thank you very much, in advance, for your sharing and caring!